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Lancer Boss Trucks

30 Years Experience at Lancer Boss

Our principle member of staff has specialised in Lancer Boss and Steinbock Truck Parts for over 30 years. Working originally in the warranty department at Lancer Boss Trucks in Leighton Buzzard, where he served over 13 years, he was responsible for inspecting the entire range of parts returned for warranty appraisal from trucks in operation at various locations around the world.

Comprehensive Knowledge of the Product

Due to the nature of this job, our Parts Technical Manager - Malcolm Stevens - was able to obtain extensive hands–on knowledge of the parts, learning how and why they failed, their application within the trucks, and how the various components worked together. This gave him a very comprehensive knowledge of the complete build of trucks and how they operate. This experience has placed Malcolm as the most knowledgeable technical expert in the market today for Lancer Boss and Steinbock Forklift parts, which we ensure cannot be matched by any other competitor.

History with Supply Network – Ensuring Product Availability

This responsibility working at Lancer Boss also benefitted Malcolm with first-hand knowledge of OE suppliers and manufacturers, and his continued involvement in this market over the last 3 decades has enabled him to track the ever changing supply market, ensuring that the supply of parts for all models of Boss Forklift Trucks can be continued, including the sourcing of refurbished parts rendered obsolete. Furthermore, running his own company as the main distributor for spare Lancer Boss Fork Truck parts in the UK for over a decade, as well as supplying large stock consolidation orders into Europe, Africa and Asian continents, has positioned our company well to deal with all enquiries on a worldwide basis for Lancer Boss Forklift parts.

Scope of Supply – Boss Forklifts

Our main scope of supply in the UK is now particularly focussed on the Lancer Boss Sideloader Forklifts, predominantly the 300 and 500 Series models including 336H, 546, 556, 557’s.

Our main scope of supply in the export market is based around the heavy lifting and general purpose models - B, C, D, H, G and S Series (from 4 to 38 Ton trucks) – including B1206, B1209, B1212, B1506, B1512, B1612, B3ECH/B5ECH, C100, D25, D37, G28, G36, H50, H60, H70, SX40/SX50, SH40/SH50 and the like…

Should you have any enquiries for Lancer Boss or Steinbock Fork Truck parts, you have come to the right place! Please contact us now…

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